About Us


Purpose & Vision

For men living in sin and addiction, the weight of the world and its temptations can make life seem like an endless cycle of hopelessness. When programs are available for those struggling, it brings a sense of hope and restoration. It’s so amazing to see men chained to their sin find freedom in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Over time, the Lord does a mighty work to grow these men spiritually and reveal the peace that only walking close with Him can bring.

Though this process is beautiful when it occurs, many times it can be short-lived. Frequently when men leave these programs, they have no choice but to return to the same neighborhoods they came from to try living out this newfound relationship in Christ. While the power to overcome the world and sin are found in Christ, learning to walk with Him in a hectic environment can lead to many distractions that cause men to stumble and fall away from the freedom that has been given to them and back to their old way of living. It’s very heartbreaking to see the Lord restore a life, only to
watch what has been sown get choked away.

Our goal at Latter Glory House is to offer a residence for men coming out of freely-10123residential faith-based programs to transition back into everyday life. Here we plan to help men find jobs and a home church to serve in while they save money to pay off any debts accumulated from their previous way of life. It is our hope that by providing a place to live at a low monthly cost, and a sense of accountability, men can grow their roots in discipleship and build a stronger foundation to serve Christ in society. What sets Latter Glory House apart from other halfway and transitional homes is that those coming to Latter Glory House will be men who have already completed residential faith-based programs. The focus will be to sustain and harness the growth the men have already experienced while introducing them into the workforce and a local church body.


About the founder

Growing up in Washington State, I was blessed to be raised in a Christian household where I was introduced to Jesus at a young age. But like many who grow up in a church environment, I began to wander away from the truth that I had been taught. Never really surrendering fully to the Lord, I chose to hand my life over to sin and lawlessness.

I began to party and use drugs. Before long, I had to sell drugs and steal in order to support my growing addiction. My life was a complete wreck, and soon it was no longer me who controlled the drugs, but rather, the drugs controlled me. It wasn’t until after I tried and failed at rehab, went in and out of jail, became homeless, and burned every bridge I had ever known that I realized I needed a change.

A friend told me about a discipleship ministry located in Ellettsville, Indiana for men like me called Saul to Paul Ministries. This ministry was designed to introduce a relationship with Jesus Christ to those living in sin. In 2011, I traveled to Indiana to Saul to Paul and surrendered my heart to the Lord. From there I transferred to a similar ministry in Bedford, HNHC, and continued in my walk with Christ.

After a year in the program, I came to a crossroads of where to go after I left the ministry. I knew there was nothing good for me back in my hometown, but I didn’t have a place to move to in Bedford either. The pastor of a local church graciously offered me a place to live in an apartment above his garage. I lived there while I served in the church and worked locally. It was soon after that I met my wife, Kendal, through the church and we currently live in Bedford.

I give this testimony to glorify the Lord and demonstrate that I know what it is like to finish a residential program and then experience the struggles that wait out in the world upon completion. Being able to live in a stable environment really allowed me to grow in Christ and I want to help others in the same way I was helped (2 Corinthians 1:4).

-David Sheldon

Director and Founder of Latter Glory House