Coming to Latter Glory House

Admission to Latter Glory House

There are several terms and requirements that need to be established before men come to Latter Glory House.

Applicants must:

  • Complete a residential faith-based program along with the blessing and approval of that program’s administration. What sets Latter Glory House apart from other transitional homes is that all residents will have a foundation in discipleship before entry. This will eliminate distractions of men coming into the house that are coming straight out of the world. (If you or someone you know needs to get into a phase one residential program, please Click Here to contact the Director, David Sheldon.)
  • Be a committed follower of Jesus Christ. Applicants must agree to continue in their walk and live in obedience to the whole council of the Word of God.
  • Agree to abstain from the use of drugs, alcohol, or engaging in any sexually sinful activities. If we suspect possible drug or alcohol use, residents must agree to take a drug test at any time while a resident in the ministry.
  • Agree to abstain from tobacco products. Romans 14:13.

Once you are a resident of the Latter Glory House

There are also several main requirements for applicants to follow once they become residents.

Residents must:

  • Hold a steady Job.
  • Serve and attend a local church body. (At least one service a week, no exceptions.)
  • Follow all house rules. (Keep room clean, keep up on chores, obey curfew.)
  • Pay rent. Rent is 25% of your monthly income. No more than $400 and no less than $250.
  • Buy their own personal food. (Some food will be provided from the food bank.)
  • Attend the weekly house meeting.
  • Continue to save and make payments towards any outstanding bills, fines, or child support.

 Failure to uphold house rules and agreements may result in eviction.

If you have any more questions about coming to Latter Glory House, Click Here to contact us!